IPL Skin Rejuvenation and IPL Hair Removal

Prices are based on the size of the treatment area. Discounts apply when multiple areas are treated at the same time. Packages of three treatments in any one area may be purchased at a 20% discount. Consultation is required.

Small Area - $50 to $150

$50 - $150 per session includes: ears, fingers, hands, toes, feet, knees, bikini (half), abdominal mid-line (navel to bikini line), upper lip, chin, sides of face, uni-brow, neck, under arms. Book Now

Medium Area - $150 to $350

$150 - $300 per session includes: lower arms (elbow to wrist), lower legs (knees to feet), upper chest, upper arms, upper chest, upper back/shoulders, Bikini (full "Brazilian"). Book Now

Large Area - $300 to $450

$300 - $450 per session includes: thighs, full legs, full back, full chest, buttocks, and full abdomen. Book Now

Acne Clearance

IPL Acne Clearance requires 6-14 sessions over a 4-6 week period of time. Consultation is required to determine estimated number of sessions and price. IPL Acne Clearance is performed in conjunction with acne facials and professional home care products to assist in clearing and maintaining the results of your treatments.

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  • Testimonials

    I have been to Glenda twice, and will be her life-long client! The first time was for skin, second for make-up. Both times I felt very comfortable putting my face in Glenda’s extremely capable hands. Glenda is very knowledgeable in her field which feels more clinical than glitz and glam- which i love. Glenda is […]

    ~ Elisa B.

    Very caring, very professional, lovely space – Definitely a very positive experience – I look forward to returning for additional services, in part because both Glenda and Tania continue to add to their certifications.

    ~ M.K.

    I had my first facial with Tanya yesterday and it was amazing! She thoroughly explained each step and asked questions along the way. She is very knowledgable. I will be going back for sure!

    ~ Michelle Soucy

    Excellent visit! I will be a regular customer now!!! Glenda was informative, tuned in to my specific needs and provided an amazing and nurturing experience. I loved it!

    ~ Denise Lamothe

    I had my facial at G. Skin Therapy, and not only did I feel that Glenda was phenomenal and gentle, I was most impressed with her depth of knowledge in the field… This made me feel very comfortable and trusting of her work….. I will be a client forever!!! 🙂

    ~ Margarita Ochoa-Maya, MD

    I had a wonderful time receiving the attention of Glenda and Tanya for my consultation and facial. I felt like I was at a caring doctor’s office — a wonderful combination of scientific knowledge and feminine nurturing. Thank you so much!!

    ~ Emily Thomas

    Glenda is a miracle worker! I had the best facial ever! My skin is still so smooth and I had the facial over 2 weeks ago! Glenda is a special person with a peaceful, calm demeanor.

    ~ Kathy Campbell

    I had the ultimate facial at G. Skin Therapy yesterday. Glenda is lovely in every way. The facial room is peaceful and clean. Glenda gave me several treatments, each one more wonderful than the next. Try it; you’ll love it.

    ~ Nancy M.

    My first facial with Glenda was like leaving the planet for a few hours. Her skills, both personal and professional, add up to a level of competence that is unparalleled. My face felt like it was lit with light, and so did my heart.

    ~ Pam B.

    My first facial was the best experience! I have never gotten one and I left feeling like a million dollars. I have always had trouble with my skin and when I felt my face when she was done, I almost cried! I never knew I could have skin like this! I will be booking facials […]

    ~ Teale Howe